Deere & Company, founded in 1837 (collectively called John Deere), has grown from a one-man blacksmith shop into a corporation that today does business around the world and employs approximately 56,000 people. The company continues to be guided, as it has been since its beginning, by the core values exhibited by its founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

Founder of John Deere espoused these values more than 160 years ago. Along with the other core values of integrity and quality, these values continue to be a cornerstone of the John Deere business.

At Michaels Mowers John Deere is a big part of our business and therefore we value the strength of their core ideals. Our commitment to you the customer also has to go all the way through to the manufacturer and with John Deere, supplied by Michaels Mowers you can rely on a fantastic back up service and that’s the difference.